Friday, December 28, 2012


A bit late, but I hope you had awesome Christmas ! Mine was not so good, cause I got into kinda a fight with my mom and she was mad at me for a couple of days, but all good now : P

So let's move on to the better part of my Christmas - gifts !

I already knew the main present I'm going to get from my parents like a month ago - a ticket to Lana Del Rey's concert !!! can't wait for 4 June now D;

I also got lingerie and like 0,5kg gummies, and they're so tempting, but I have to contain myself ! I also promised my boyfriend that I'd give him some of that sour heaven, so can not eat it all : D

Some perfume from my grandmother, I haven't even used up the one I've got like a couple years ago, the one from last year is still almost full and now a new one : DD but I like the scent, it's really interesting and different from what I already have. Thierry Mugler's womanity

I also got some money and a chocolate Santa from my godfather, but ate the Santa almost immediately, so no pics of him : D

Had a little photo shoot with my bro ; D

My Christmas Eve outfit

 And my Christmas outfit - lace dress

Friday, December 14, 2012

outfit of the day...

...haha, sounds ridiculous.

But this is what I was wearing today and probably gonna be wearing ALMOST the same thing this evening

Thursday, December 13, 2012

every day of my life

I am freaking tired. Had an exam today, almost overslept. But, lucky me, made it on time. Have another (philosophy, ew) exam tomorrow. 

My latest 'nail art'... Kinda shitty, I'm not good with lining stuff haha

  Instead of revising for my exams, I drew a skull... 

 and added some studs to my sweater

And when I really didn't have what else to do to keep myself busy from studying - took a bunch of photos of myself... as always. They're all kinda the same tho

Aaaaaaaaand we already decorated our Christmas tree, yay

Thursday, December 6, 2012


Some groovy music to start the post with haha

So I should be studying for my En grammar exam now, which is at 8am tomorrow, but I like procrastinating better... 

  I had this nail polish for a while, but wasn't using it. It's a teeny tiny bit holographic, cause it is silverish, but then again has a hint of purple. Unfortunately, it's not really holographic.

The newest nail polish I bought. Always wanted such bloody red colour. Although originally I was searching for another polish, this works just as well. Atm my nails are painted with this and my pinkies (the smallest fingers) are also painted with golden nail polish, kinda gives me a Christmasy feeling already ; D 

Oh, I can't wait for Christmas! It snowed on Dec 1st here, and it instantly put me in an awesome mood, I lit up the Christmas lights, which have been put around my window last year and not taken down since, and danced around the apartment listening to Christmas songs haha. Probably looked a bit mental...

Half a year ago I promised my friend that I would draw her... well, it took me a long time and the drawing is not really similar to reality, but I finally did it !

Aaaand this is me on the way to my grandparent's, when I was still ill, but that's why I love make-up ! 

Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Just the most recent stuff:

Broke up with the new guy after 2weeks.
Am a volunteer at this loft/party place/club Gargaras
Am ill. Possibly tonsillitis (? dunno, it's simply angina in Lithuanian), which sucks. Was feeling hideous yesterday, couldn't even stay until the end of creative writing class. And now I have to take antibiotics. Which reminds me that around the same time last year I also had to take antibiotics. Hope next year will be different in a good way.

And, well, before I got ill, bought an essence eyebrow stylist set. I only use the lighter colour and none of the eyebrows' shapers, cause I'm kinda satisfied with the natural shape of my brows. Anyways, I like the set.

Also bought a new t-shirt from NewYorker. Love sales, from 35Lt down to only 10.

Also took some pics of myself. You already know that most of the time I like what I see in the mirror.

The tie I'm wearing is Flinstones haha. Too bad you can't see it ! Maybe gonna show it to the world wide web to see sometime lol

Guess this is it, gonna go die now. Hope the neighbours won't be fucking assholes tomorrow with their  drilling. That shit is annoying in the morning. Especially, when I have a headache so bad it seems that my head is going to blow up for no particular reason. K, cya.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

and it's easy

Hello (:

I love the new ability to see instagram on the web as well, not only on the smart phone..

I'm such a lucky girl, just keep on winning stuff. Won an invite to a festival last month, a double invite to a concert last week and a double invite to a concert again this week. And on top of that, got a new bf lol and this time it feels really right.
I'm frikkin happy, satisfied with my life and stuff haha.

Had like a tryout photo shoot some time ago at the uni. Some pics:

I look the same in all of them lol, not good at posing, totally not photogenic.. but the photographer said that I do have some interesting face features, so that was a confidence boost haha

The pics I take myself are definitely better tho.. cause I every time I take a pic I can instantly see what's wrong and try to correct it, whereas in the photo shoot I didn't see myself, how I look, etc. Newest photos I took of myself:

They all look the same as well, but I really like them and can't decide which one is really the best haha the biggest competition goes between the 1st and 2nd lol. The 1st one got more likes on instagram, but the 2nd one got more likes on facebook. And, well, I just posted the third one on FB moments ago.
Oh, if you haven't figured yet, I'm obsessed with people liking my pics lol. Gives my confidence a definite boost.

And on Wednesday evening, instead of revising for my philosophy mid-term, I drew this:

This is my first skull ever drawn, so don't judge. I know there is some stuff to work on.

My sister went to her classmate's birthday party today and this is what I did with her hair:

It's the second time I did this hairstyle to her and this time it definitely looks better. And I now have a better idea for the ending of this braid, so if the third time is needed - it'll look the best then.
This is how it looked the first time:

Gotta go get ready for the concert which starts in like two hours, so byeeee

Thursday, November 1, 2012

New stuff and Halloween (:

Got some stuff from Avon recently (:

Heat protection styler. Never used it before,but thought it's maybe time to, specially when it's on sale ; D The smell is amazing !

Natural foundation. Used it a couple times, was a bit orangy, cause still haven't figured out the right amount of it. Maybe soon. The Oriflame one that I've got is a bit easier to work with.

Shampoo and conditioner with Moroccan Argan oil. Smells really good and is good for my hair

Nail art brush 2in1. One end for dotting and the other one for lines and stuff. Couldn't get the focus on the right place, sorry.

And the last thing not from Avon. I love this make-up remover, it's by far the best I have used. 

I love hot chocolate ! But this one looks and tastes just like cacao haha. Needed some dark chocolate, but didn't have it. So just milk and milk chocolate here ; D Tastyyyy

aaand HALLOWEEN. It's my best friend's favorite holiday, so we went clubbing with our costumes on ; D 
Mine is not really anything special, but I really like it haha 
Supposed to be sexy zombie nerd ; D

The make up is just a lot of light Mary Kay foundation on the whole face, lips and a bit on the neck (damt, I can now see that I needed more there), some light powder and black eyeshadow on the eyes, below them, cheeks, nose, forehead.
Also, sprayed some hair with blue hairspray. I love blue : D

I'm wearing a white shirt, black cardigan, short checked skirt, white tights and long, above knee, black socks. Wow, named everything like there wasn't a picture..

Also had these glasses in my bag the whole evening, but forgot to wear them D;

Sunday, October 21, 2012

I've got a war in my mind

I am sooo in love with this new vid of Lana's.. The intro, lyrics, outro.. are just uuunf

Been shopping with my fam this weekend (: sister got a new blouse and jeans, and my parents were generous enough to buy me these hidden heel sneakers and sweater. Generous enough, because my mother hates my love for sneakers haha. I probably have like 7 pairs of sneakers already, but she didn't hesitate to buy me these, cause they're like heels/wedges. And it's a perfect combo for me ! I lovelovelove sneakers and would like to wear heels more often ; D And they were on sale, so lucky me !

Also had like a party with my course mates. And used Brigitte Bardot look just as my inspiration, because I cannot do the exact look. Even though my mom says I kinda look like her.. (yeah, well, I don't think so, but it is flattering). Soo, the hair:


Aand the eyes makeup:


And some more pics of me, because I'm a bit narcissistic : D and I love these photos ! haha, sorry