Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Just the most recent stuff:

Broke up with the new guy after 2weeks.
Am a volunteer at this loft/party place/club Gargaras
Am ill. Possibly tonsillitis (? dunno, it's simply angina in Lithuanian), which sucks. Was feeling hideous yesterday, couldn't even stay until the end of creative writing class. And now I have to take antibiotics. Which reminds me that around the same time last year I also had to take antibiotics. Hope next year will be different in a good way.

And, well, before I got ill, bought an essence eyebrow stylist set. I only use the lighter colour and none of the eyebrows' shapers, cause I'm kinda satisfied with the natural shape of my brows. Anyways, I like the set.

Also bought a new t-shirt from NewYorker. Love sales, from 35Lt down to only 10.

Also took some pics of myself. You already know that most of the time I like what I see in the mirror.

The tie I'm wearing is Flinstones haha. Too bad you can't see it ! Maybe gonna show it to the world wide web to see sometime lol

Guess this is it, gonna go die now. Hope the neighbours won't be fucking assholes tomorrow with their  drilling. That shit is annoying in the morning. Especially, when I have a headache so bad it seems that my head is going to blow up for no particular reason. K, cya.

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