Friday, June 22, 2012

be good

Hey (:

So yeah, umh.. Where do I start.. Well, I guess I should start with the stone I just got off my chest - first exam results ! Which is English.. Could have been better, of course, but it still is really good (:
Before the exam I thought I'll get at least 95, I thought I could even manage to get 98 or even 100.. but after the exam, when I kind of checked my answers, I thought I totally blew it and won't even reach 90%.. But I did ! I got 94% !!!
Now I can't wait for my Lithuanian language exam results and then history.. Ugh, I hate history, that one I really suck at (this sentence kind of reminds me of the way that Yoda speaks haha (never saw Star Wars, but memes really do help a lot to get around: D ) )
And while I'm waiting for the results.. shopping happens ! : D Not too much tho : P

Sooo, I bought this cute lace dress, which I wore today to my mother's graduation ceremony. I kind of went for a bit edgy, but cute outfit pairing the dress with Vagabond wedges and NewYorker bag with a chain as a bag strap and some cool zipperish detailing.. I was also wearing a TallyWeijl black fake leather jacket, but it's a bit worn off and my mother doesn't like it, so I took it off for the pics haha

I also bought this cute little bag (well, not little, but I'm just used to bigger bags : D ) the colour is just (or almost) the same as my fav sandals for summer, so.. YAY ; DD


A few days ago I found out that I won a gift card for my local shopping centre, so new nail polishes will be joining my collection ! And some other stuff too : D

Buh-bye !!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

these are a few of my favorite things

Hey hey hey (:

So today I went shopping with my fam and after a few frowning faces got what I wanted ! Hahaha : D
This really cute floral dress, which just looks like a skirt and shirt

And this top, which you can't really see, but it's just a simple black really long tank top. I am wearing it with my boyfriend's shirt and simple black tights.

Do not hesitate to hype it on lookbook ; D that dress above will also be there tomorrow ! (Can't add now, cause there's this 6hours rule -.- )

That's it for today, buh-bye ; DD

Thursday, June 14, 2012

chasing the sun

NO EXAMS LEFT !! I can finally read 'Mini Shopaholic' by Sophie Kinsella without feeling guilty : D Finally, well, not yet officially, I AM DONE WITH SCHOOL !! WOOP : D
And right before my history exam I've got some inspiration for DIY shorts and shirts, so instead of revising, this is what i did (all the looks are also uploaded to my lookbook, so don't forget to hype, if you have it ; D ) :

And look what I did with my studded bracelet ! I just got a bit bored with the way it looks, so gave it some colour.. One of my friends said it now looks like rubik's cube haha

and OH MY, I am in love with this new nail polish I got ! I lovelovelove this colour !! (used it on the bracelet as well : P )

and I got these feather earrings I wanted ! from my cousin as a gift : P

And to my surprise I started losing weight : O really slowly, lost only 1kg yet (but it's somehow noticeable, since my aunt and cousin asked if I have lost any weight and said I look slimmer : D ), but I'm keen on losing more ! or at least trying to make my stomach flat : D and it's just because I started eating a bit less, no exercising until this morning. Figured just eating less is not enough and will try to keep exercising at least a bit, for like 10-20mins, I guess it will be enough for a couple of weeks till I get used to it, later on will do some more ! (:

That's it for now ! a picture of my face to say goodbye haha : D