Saturday, July 21, 2012

poker face

Hello (:

Finally, it is time for my new blog post haha can't believe my birthday was only six days ago, seems like more : O
And here are some pics from my b-day:
My hairstyle haha  this pic was taken in the evening, after the get-together has ended, so it's not as tidy..

It's kinda supposed to be this: 

A random picture with my cousin haha and my SUPER tidy room

I really like how I look in this pic haha the theme for the get-together was South dishes, no special clothing required (except for me, I figured I'd wear something frenchy haha stripped blouse, creme shorts, red belt (which was hidden after eating so much) Eiffel tower and Love necklace, studded red ribbon bracelet, and the white rose my Love gave me :>  ), we had some French, Mexican and Spanish (I guess, can't quite remember now) meals 
Aaand my Love.. 

some more pics of me and my Love ! Can't get enough of him haha

Aaand the flowers I've got ! Now only orange/red roses and the colourful bouquet are still alive

Enough with my birthday!.. kinda

New nail polish my sister gave me 

 Some of my newest purchases... a new bathing suit, which you won't see, not yet or not ever

spikey bracelet

girly/summery wallet

The wrap/scarf and these hot pink pants are new

That's it for today. buh-bye (;

Friday, July 13, 2012

Good times

Heeeyyy !!

So frikkin much has happened in the past week !
First of, got 60% on my history exam, which is superb, I thought I'd get 20max ; D and I found out about it on my sister's birthday, so that was a double celebration ^.^
On my way to my sis b-day haha

And this is how I look on my spare time.. not at home tho

Love my eyes in this one ! Looks like my pupils are heart shaped, and I love hearts !! haha

New nail polish, love the colour !

Went shopping a couple days ago, bought this crop top, belt, sunglasses, heart shaped necklace and hot pink 3in1 bracelet

GRADUATION !!! I am finally officially done with school ! Am frikkin afraid of the future but I hope it will be better than high school haha

Had some fun with my girls after graduation ceremony (:

And my newest nail polish, normally I would't have bought it, but it was on sale, so what the hell ; D 

Aaaaand my third tattoo ! Almost freshly done, only 2hours had passed when this pic was taken. I had all my tattoos done by the year's time, so no new ones at least until 2k12 end : D

And some new Monster, I loooove energy drinks, and especially Monster, cause it doesn't taste like the others, it's flavour is unique and A LOT better !

My nineteenth birthday is tomorrow, so new post with pics is coming up !! Byyeee ((::

Thursday, July 5, 2012

think twice


Did some DIY today ! Remade two of my old t-shirts by cutting out skulls !

Also purchased a new simple black t-shirt to replace the skully one : D will not put a pic of it tho, cause i'm too lazy xP and i'm already craving for sleep, so good night (;

Monday, July 2, 2012

ombre hair

and this is the last thing I bought yesterday (:

And the name says it all, I did the hairstyle that's been really going around lately (: at first i was quite afraid it won't suit me, but now i'm thinking of going all blond : D

hold your dreams

Heyy (:

I've got a better result from my Lithuanian exam, than I have expected ! Instead of 70, I got 74 % ! WOO !! : DD

Spent last week almost by the sea, haha. The weather wasn't really good, only a few sunny days, which weren't enough to get a proper tan. But I am a bit darker now haha
Tanned myself this star, a bit crooked, but that's alright with me

And this is what I was wearing the day we finally went home !

And instantly, just moments after unpacking, I had to go shopping ! Soo, I used my 50Lt gift card and bought 5 nail polishes (3 colours, 2 under coats)

Finally bought new hair spray, the old one was gone, but i still had the bottle for a month, hoping it will magically refill itself.. And so it did, in a totally different shape though haha

And also bought this fashion magazine, just because I couldn't decide what else to buy haha

That's not it yet, there's still one thing, that I bought, left, which will be revealed in my next post ((::