Thursday, November 1, 2012

New stuff and Halloween (:

Got some stuff from Avon recently (:

Heat protection styler. Never used it before,but thought it's maybe time to, specially when it's on sale ; D The smell is amazing !

Natural foundation. Used it a couple times, was a bit orangy, cause still haven't figured out the right amount of it. Maybe soon. The Oriflame one that I've got is a bit easier to work with.

Shampoo and conditioner with Moroccan Argan oil. Smells really good and is good for my hair

Nail art brush 2in1. One end for dotting and the other one for lines and stuff. Couldn't get the focus on the right place, sorry.

And the last thing not from Avon. I love this make-up remover, it's by far the best I have used. 

I love hot chocolate ! But this one looks and tastes just like cacao haha. Needed some dark chocolate, but didn't have it. So just milk and milk chocolate here ; D Tastyyyy

aaand HALLOWEEN. It's my best friend's favorite holiday, so we went clubbing with our costumes on ; D 
Mine is not really anything special, but I really like it haha 
Supposed to be sexy zombie nerd ; D

The make up is just a lot of light Mary Kay foundation on the whole face, lips and a bit on the neck (damt, I can now see that I needed more there), some light powder and black eyeshadow on the eyes, below them, cheeks, nose, forehead.
Also, sprayed some hair with blue hairspray. I love blue : D

I'm wearing a white shirt, black cardigan, short checked skirt, white tights and long, above knee, black socks. Wow, named everything like there wasn't a picture..

Also had these glasses in my bag the whole evening, but forgot to wear them D;


  1. Blue hairspray? Feh! If you were really committed you'd just dye your hair blue :P

    1. Haha ! I wish I could, but don't want to damage my hair any more...