Tuesday, October 29, 2013


A friend asked me to do a review on Arizona iced tea, so here it is.

 The Original green tea with honey - it was pretty good, although too sweet for my taste as I only add just a little bit or no honey/sugar at all to my tea. Love the packaging though, this one attracts more attention than the others, that's why I tried this tea first.

 Pomegranate green tea - better than the original, although also sweet or even sweeter. But that sweetness is much better and tastier. This one is either my favorite or second favorite. Really tasty.

 Peach/lemon flavour - just like another brand Nestea - peach is better. Weirdly both of them have somewhat weird chemical feel to it, although it says on the packaging there's no artificial stuff and only natural flavour. Lemon is not as good as peach, I'd not buy it again. Though I'd only buy peach one if there were no other tastes as well.

Blueberry white tea - competes with the pomegranate one, either favorite or second fav. Which is really odd, cause I don't like pears and this one not only has blueberry, but also pear juice in it. Can't really remember the level of sweetness though, which is good, cause that means it's not too sweet.

Hope you found it interesting and helpful in deciding which one you'd like to try first or not try at all. Let me know which one is your fav and why if you already did.
Have a nice evening or whatever.

I've Got 5 Now

I've got a couple ideas/news for my blog post, and I'll start with the newest one.

As some know already from my facebook/instagram/tumblr/twitter - I've got a new tattoo. It's my 5th, and certainly not the last one.
Tried to draw a face from a pic, but I failed, so asked my course mate to do it, and she's really talented, so her drawing is perfect. D. ValuckaitÄ—s Portretai

And this is how it looks on my thigh. Pretty fucking awesome. Got it done at Ink Factory. Will give a close-up, when it's all healed up, cause now it doesn't look its very best just yet.

Nighty night.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

I'm Alive

Long time no see. I kinda forgot that I have a blog, but a couple days ago we were talking about blogs in a lecture, and when the teacher asked if any of us have a blog, I realised that I do. So here I am, back on it again. I guess.

Shit's been going crazy since my last post. I'm back at my classes, have a job, but still procrastinating wayyy too much.
Am single and have a teeny tiny crush on one of the Erasmus students, how awesome is that. Am too afraid to do anything about it.
I'm not attending some classes I'm supposed to, but going to one, which I'm not even signed up for. Yeeaah, I still have a teeny tiny crush on the prof. But let's keep it a secret. A good thing almost no one reads my blog.
Although weirdly I have gained more followers when I stopped posting than when I actually did post stuff.

Had a photo shoot with a friend not so long ago, so will probably post some of the pics soon.

Oh, and did you hear about that Lithuanian girl Gabriele Z who is also 20years old and was killed in Germany?
Well, not me, so stop asking.
I may sound insensitive or whatever, it is sad that such things happen, but this is getting annoying. I even get messages from random people asking if it's not me. Well, d'oh.