Wednesday, February 29, 2012

wtf is this post about

Je'ez, I'm so frikkin inactive here. Oh well, don't really care : D
I've decided that finally, starting tomorrow, I will start living at least a bit healthier.. And that's kinda weird, cause I decide the same thing like almost everyday, but never really pull myself together. The only thing I can actually congratulate myself on - haven't been drinking beer for whole two months, yay ! (except for the 100days til exams celebration, but I was reeeeeaaaaally thirsty and it was just a couple of sips !! ) but I do allow myself other alco drinks, e.g. champagne (it's just so tasty, bubbly and, well, hits my head quite quickly) and cocktails (cuba libre all the way), and vodka.. and brandy........... Oh shit, I just remember I drank like a litre of beer the day after that celebration, damt! so much for my no-beer two months ;/ I guess I'm just not the one to quit drinking, failure running through my veins, yay. At least I don't drink so much I can't get out of bed the next day... And I always DO remember EVERYTHING, which sometimes kinda sucks.... OK, enough about alcohol, let's move on to a bit better things, likeee.....
I have no idea what. let's chill out for a bit then

good one, eh? well, if you don't like it, you can do whatever you want, just don't try to shove your hate down my throat.. like that post about religion:
so so so accurate..
alrighty, i have to stop ranting about stuff for once in my life. i really do live quite good, so why hate it? ugh, can't understand even myself x_O
k, bye : D

Thursday, February 9, 2012

All you need is Love !!!

Hey hey hey !!

I think I'm getting close to getting another tattoo  ! I just need some more money, not much tho, and my goal is reached !

But still can't decide if I want another one on my forearm (just another arm, ofc) or the back of my neck this time.
this one would be on my forearm

and this one on my neck

Like some people in God, I believe in Love (and Music, and Peace). I just don't think that you can really achieve anything without loving what you do. And I think you can overcome all obstacles if you have love. If you give love, if you receive love (:
I actually found 'Love is enough' on the internet without searching for it, I do not know what it means for the person who got it first, well, probably, the same, i guess.. for me it's like rephrased The Beatles song 'All you need is Love' 
They just basically sung what I just explained haha

Je'ez, I was planning on starting doing my home work like an hour ago : OO gotta do it now ! Buh-bye (;