Tuesday, November 12, 2013

You're The One That I Want

 Went shopping recently. Bought this military shirt, tights and boots with little spikes (still into them).
By clicking on the pic below you'll go to my Lookbook page.


Have some other new clothes as well, gonna post them some day. Maybe even soon.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013


A friend asked me to do a review on Arizona iced tea, so here it is.

 The Original green tea with honey - it was pretty good, although too sweet for my taste as I only add just a little bit or no honey/sugar at all to my tea. Love the packaging though, this one attracts more attention than the others, that's why I tried this tea first.

 Pomegranate green tea - better than the original, although also sweet or even sweeter. But that sweetness is much better and tastier. This one is either my favorite or second favorite. Really tasty.

 Peach/lemon flavour - just like another brand Nestea - peach is better. Weirdly both of them have somewhat weird chemical feel to it, although it says on the packaging there's no artificial stuff and only natural flavour. Lemon is not as good as peach, I'd not buy it again. Though I'd only buy peach one if there were no other tastes as well.

Blueberry white tea - competes with the pomegranate one, either favorite or second fav. Which is really odd, cause I don't like pears and this one not only has blueberry, but also pear juice in it. Can't really remember the level of sweetness though, which is good, cause that means it's not too sweet.

Hope you found it interesting and helpful in deciding which one you'd like to try first or not try at all. Let me know which one is your fav and why if you already did.
Have a nice evening or whatever.

I've Got 5 Now

I've got a couple ideas/news for my blog post, and I'll start with the newest one.

As some know already from my facebook/instagram/tumblr/twitter - I've got a new tattoo. It's my 5th, and certainly not the last one.
Tried to draw a face from a pic, but I failed, so asked my course mate to do it, and she's really talented, so her drawing is perfect. D. ValuckaitÄ—s Portretai

And this is how it looks on my thigh. Pretty fucking awesome. Got it done at Ink Factory. Will give a close-up, when it's all healed up, cause now it doesn't look its very best just yet.

Nighty night.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

I'm Alive

Long time no see. I kinda forgot that I have a blog, but a couple days ago we were talking about blogs in a lecture, and when the teacher asked if any of us have a blog, I realised that I do. So here I am, back on it again. I guess.

Shit's been going crazy since my last post. I'm back at my classes, have a job, but still procrastinating wayyy too much.
Am single and have a teeny tiny crush on one of the Erasmus students, how awesome is that. Am too afraid to do anything about it.
I'm not attending some classes I'm supposed to, but going to one, which I'm not even signed up for. Yeeaah, I still have a teeny tiny crush on the prof. But let's keep it a secret. A good thing almost no one reads my blog.
Although weirdly I have gained more followers when I stopped posting than when I actually did post stuff.

Had a photo shoot with a friend not so long ago, so will probably post some of the pics soon.

Oh, and did you hear about that Lithuanian girl Gabriele Z who is also 20years old and was killed in Germany?
Well, not me, so stop asking.
I may sound insensitive or whatever, it is sad that such things happen, but this is getting annoying. I even get messages from random people asking if it's not me. Well, d'oh.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

summertime sadness

In love with this new shirt and skirt combo. And my legs look super awesome in these Vagabonds haha.

 So me and my cousins went out yesterday and, well, we just love to take pictures of ourselves. So here are the results of that:

 And umh I'm like super sad right now, so bye.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Red Lips

It's kind of an old outfit, wore it like a week ago when me and my fam were on our mini vacation at the seaside. Stole my mom's wedges for a couple of days haha.

It was my 20th birthday that weekend, which was chill. My 19th was more organised, although the guests were the same as always - my godfather's family. And this time I got myself a phone for a present, which is really awesome. Way better than all of my last ones combined haha.
Don't have any pics from that day or anything associated with it, I like my birthdays, but this one makes me a bit sad, I just feel so old, wanna be a little kid again, not a grown up. This shit sucks.

Oh well, whatever. Been shopping yesterday and hung out with my cousins today, so a new post coming up some day soon probably.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Devil Doll


So I was not only hooked up on the whole rockabilly look thing, but the music as well. And as my brother is a fan of such music, he gave me the names of his favorite bands/artists and I just fell in love with Devil Doll, she's amazing !! 

I was surprised to find out, that she also covered Peggy Lee's 'Fever', which is actually one of my favorite songs, that made me like Devil Doll even more haha. Was listening to her this whole day. 

But enough about music; that's how I looked today:

With my boyfriend's shirt and mom's shoes, which were killing me at the end of the day haha. I'm just not used to wearing such shoes; only flats, sneakers are the best for me ! But I guess I'll just have to get used to wearing high heels (:



I kind of changed my style a little bit. Well, at least my hairstyle. Inspired by my boyfriend, started doing pompadour and wearing my clothes just a teeny tiny bit differently, but it somehow looks more than a teeny tiny bit different (wat?), maybe it's just because of the hair (and lipstick). Anyways, that's how I look now:

And I really wanted to show this new look off, so was really glad when Irma decided it's time to meet up and I suggested going out! I tried froyo for the first time, was delicious ! And the little marshmallows are adorable, wanted to try them out for quite a long time as well ; D

 After that we went to a cafe, where Irma got a mango smoothie and I got coffee of the week (as I always do), but I can't even remember what kind it was : D I think nutty iced latte or something like that, anyways it was delicious, a bit stronger, just as I like it (; (oh daaaamn, I'm so artistic with all these pics haha)

And here we both are, we really like to take pics of everything/everyone and ourselves ; D

 After saying our goodbies with Irma, I met up with my boyfriend (edit 2013/10/10: ex bf now) , who gave me his shirt, which looks waayy better than my blue one, don't really know why, the pattern is similar... Oh well, whatever, we now look as an awesome kind of a little bit old school couple haha. And don't you dare say, that we don't ! (:

Monday, July 8, 2013

you know we're so mischievous

So my brother took his camera out just so he could lend it to our sister or whatever and then just started taking random shots of me, what later turned to be a kind of a photo shoot. Here are the results, the best pics, according to me:

And if anyone was wondering, it's a flash I'm holding up.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

change your mind

Since I see there still are some people who check out my blog - a new post for you! aye

And because I'm starving (3pm here and I still haven't had my breakfast), this will be a short one.

Some recent outfits, which are actually seen on the right side of my blog, but whatever. Just click on the pic and it will take you to my lookbook page, where some of the clothes are listed, if anyone wants to find out where I buy my stuff.

I look like a weirdo, but guess if I give a shit.

Oh right, I have some new pics of myself as well, and as you may [not] know, I'm in lesbians with myself, so a new post coming up.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Here, Sir, Take a Mustache

Long time no see. Not like anyone cares, but still. I like to keep my blog somewhat running. So yeah, another boring post.

Got this cool stuff from Italy as my sister just came back from there. Student exchange programs rock and my sis is the best. She got me this awesome mustache ring aand nail polish in the colour I just adore, aye.

 She herself got these awesome leggings from her Italian friend, but since we as sisters like to share our clothes with each other, I wore them today (and gave her my bright pink sweater, so we would kinda match haha (we're the same size, how awesome is that ! )).

 Alright, gotta go learn something, lexis exam at 8am and it's already 9pm. Being a professional procrastinator sometimes suck.

Monday, April 22, 2013


Heyyy, so I bought this awesome bright pink jumper yesterday, seemed like a quite ordinary colour, but then I went to the bathroom and look at this:

 It's frikkin' NEON, how awesome is that??

Here's how it looks in the daylight

Aaand since I don't have anything more interesting to write, just gonna throw in another random pic of myself.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Happiness Only Real When Shared

That is why I have my crazy friends ((::
So we went out, had a lot of fun, took some pics of each other aand had some lunch (:

And, of course, it is not possible for me to go on with my day without taking a pic of my food, especially when it's sushi! Had a romantic lunch with Irma, eating from the same plate and all haha.

A collage of two pics she took of me - my outfit of the day (:

So yeah, um, just that for today, gonna go continue writing my biology paper now...

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

studs everywhere

If you didn't get it before [I'm gonna have to call you an idiot] I'm REALLY into studs and spikes (and sneakers). Guess I didn't fully outgrow my punk/metal/goth/emo phase lol.
So yeah, I bought new shoes. THEY'RE FUCKING AWESOME !!!

Spikes on the front and side, zipper, some other metal detailing. Made for me <3 haha.

And here's a full look from yesterday.

Oh and I also got these cool sunglasses in a local store, super cheap, cause I either lose or break them, so can't spend too much, just not worth it haha.

The rim is mat and fading black to white. I like to call such sunnies fakebans...

Have a good evening or whatever.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

back to brown

Hello there (:

Straight to the point of the post - I dyed my hair again. Only this time even 2 boxes weren't enough for all my hair, so I kinda got the same ombre effect I had done in the summertime, but instead of brown-blond, I now am dark brown- red. As far as I remember it's called dip dye.

Sooo from this:

To this:

 Oh and the hair dye that I used was, once again, Garnier:

 In line with (we've been learning new prepositions in lexis class haha) this new hair colour I also bought a new bag, check this beauty out:

Oh, I think I'm in love with it <3 haha

And last but not least, my outfit of the day:

Real spring is almost here !!!