Friday, December 28, 2012


A bit late, but I hope you had awesome Christmas ! Mine was not so good, cause I got into kinda a fight with my mom and she was mad at me for a couple of days, but all good now : P

So let's move on to the better part of my Christmas - gifts !

I already knew the main present I'm going to get from my parents like a month ago - a ticket to Lana Del Rey's concert !!! can't wait for 4 June now D;

I also got lingerie and like 0,5kg gummies, and they're so tempting, but I have to contain myself ! I also promised my boyfriend that I'd give him some of that sour heaven, so can not eat it all : D

Some perfume from my grandmother, I haven't even used up the one I've got like a couple years ago, the one from last year is still almost full and now a new one : DD but I like the scent, it's really interesting and different from what I already have. Thierry Mugler's womanity

I also got some money and a chocolate Santa from my godfather, but ate the Santa almost immediately, so no pics of him : D

Had a little photo shoot with my bro ; D

My Christmas Eve outfit

 And my Christmas outfit - lace dress

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