Saturday, November 10, 2012

and it's easy

Hello (:

I love the new ability to see instagram on the web as well, not only on the smart phone..

I'm such a lucky girl, just keep on winning stuff. Won an invite to a festival last month, a double invite to a concert last week and a double invite to a concert again this week. And on top of that, got a new bf lol and this time it feels really right.
I'm frikkin happy, satisfied with my life and stuff haha.

Had like a tryout photo shoot some time ago at the uni. Some pics:

I look the same in all of them lol, not good at posing, totally not photogenic.. but the photographer said that I do have some interesting face features, so that was a confidence boost haha

The pics I take myself are definitely better tho.. cause I every time I take a pic I can instantly see what's wrong and try to correct it, whereas in the photo shoot I didn't see myself, how I look, etc. Newest photos I took of myself:

They all look the same as well, but I really like them and can't decide which one is really the best haha the biggest competition goes between the 1st and 2nd lol. The 1st one got more likes on instagram, but the 2nd one got more likes on facebook. And, well, I just posted the third one on FB moments ago.
Oh, if you haven't figured yet, I'm obsessed with people liking my pics lol. Gives my confidence a definite boost.

And on Wednesday evening, instead of revising for my philosophy mid-term, I drew this:

This is my first skull ever drawn, so don't judge. I know there is some stuff to work on.

My sister went to her classmate's birthday party today and this is what I did with her hair:

It's the second time I did this hairstyle to her and this time it definitely looks better. And I now have a better idea for the ending of this braid, so if the third time is needed - it'll look the best then.
This is how it looked the first time:

Gotta go get ready for the concert which starts in like two hours, so byeeee

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