Thursday, December 6, 2012


Some groovy music to start the post with haha

So I should be studying for my En grammar exam now, which is at 8am tomorrow, but I like procrastinating better... 

  I had this nail polish for a while, but wasn't using it. It's a teeny tiny bit holographic, cause it is silverish, but then again has a hint of purple. Unfortunately, it's not really holographic.

The newest nail polish I bought. Always wanted such bloody red colour. Although originally I was searching for another polish, this works just as well. Atm my nails are painted with this and my pinkies (the smallest fingers) are also painted with golden nail polish, kinda gives me a Christmasy feeling already ; D 

Oh, I can't wait for Christmas! It snowed on Dec 1st here, and it instantly put me in an awesome mood, I lit up the Christmas lights, which have been put around my window last year and not taken down since, and danced around the apartment listening to Christmas songs haha. Probably looked a bit mental...

Half a year ago I promised my friend that I would draw her... well, it took me a long time and the drawing is not really similar to reality, but I finally did it !

Aaaand this is me on the way to my grandparent's, when I was still ill, but that's why I love make-up ! 

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