Sunday, January 29, 2012

i wish she wore a shorter dress

Heyheyhey, so I'm back from my 'shopping spree' haha. Tried on like 10 different pairs of jeans (and i really hate trying on jeans, or sometimes clothes in general) and finally found the ones i like, and my mom bought them for me, even tho she was not a fan of my choice mwahahahaha : D CROPP TOWN

and well i thought of a simple, yet quite nice outfit including my school uniform jacket : D
In my last post i mentioned that i want to buy pointy heels, well, here they are : D both in the picture above and below (: and they were even cheaper than last week ! only 18litas, which is SUPER cheap. NEWYORKER

that's it for today, buh-bye xx

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

such a black day

Well hello there, anyone who reads this. I went shopping with my parents on Sunday (or Saturday? can't even remember, not a good sign : O )
Sooooo, I bought a pair of PROMOD boots

it's a really good bargain, caught them on sale from 400litas to 100 (litas currency), and I swear to you, they look waaaaaayyyyy better in reality ; D

I also bought this awesome guipure dress I've been wanting for so long ^.^ and now, finally, I found it at a reasonable price : D (do not hesitate to 'hype' it on lookbook, the link is on the right side of the page : P )

Shoes are my mom's, will go shopping in the near future again, fell in love with a pair of NEW YORKER heels, but had some doubts, so decided not to buy them, but definitely will !
They are similar to these (or should I say just this one?), but not quite the same. I used to hate pointy heels, but I guess I just don't anymore : D

I have also bought this simple CROPP TOWN t-shirt. Soon I won't have where to put my t-shirts, I have so many ! And it's never enough! haha

So yeah, I guess that's it for today, am kinda feeling hungry again, so will probably get on to that lasagna my mom made : P
Have a great day/evening or whatever : D

Saturday, January 14, 2012

cherry cherry boom boom

Unfortunately, this post won't be about cherries as much as I like them.. This will be about how I and my brother like alcohol. Oh my, I must sound really bad, oh well. I think that CUBA LIBRE might be my favorite cocktail from now on haha. And look how artistic I am with it ! :
 <-this pic is my fav (:

Monday, January 9, 2012

At school after the holidays

I kind of feel like a sleepless alcoholic.. Two glasses of wine yesterday with some sushi and now, in english class, a cup of tea, which tastes like hot wine (really tasty, you should check it out). And only 3-4 hours of sleep. I hope I'll get lucky tonight and fall asleep earlier (:

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Well hello there

So yeah, I finally decided to start writing this blog...
First of all, you should all know that this will never be a fashion blog. I don't really care about fashion, what's trendy, etc. The only pics that will be here, will identify my idea of beauty, not fashion. Well, it may be fashionable, it may contain lots of pics of clothes, shoes and similar stuff, but it won't be about the fashion. Dunno, how to explain it more clearly : D I got it! THIS IS MY PERSONAL BLOG, including moments of my life (:

So let's start with my Christmas gifts (:

Earphones, which actually got my brother (from grandmother), but he has his big headphones and doesn't use any others (:

 The next thing I've got is Golden Rose MAGNETIC nail lacquer, got it from my parents, and I really really like it, it dries quickly and stays on for quite a long time (:

 I have also got Oriflame VERY ME foundation and powder from my parents, the ones that I've got are going to end soon, so it's really great that I've got these (:

And of course some candy ! From my parents and the candy cane with some chocolate is from a good friend of mine ^.^ also got a card with that, which is really cute ((::

I have also got a picture, which was taken in the summer, and another good friend of mine edited it with putting Christmas hats on our heads : D Really love it, we look awesome there : D

And my brother gave me this MAYBELLINE lipstick in metallic rose. Really like the colour, brother got me the right one, it actually suits me : D

My grandmother got me Sarah Jessica Parker perfume COVET, lovelovelove the scent, it's amazing !

my grandma also got me this clinique set, it contains makeup bag, high impact mascara, cream shaper for eyes, take the day off makeup remover. I love such sets, I never go out without wearing AT LEAST mascara (:

I got this Beyonce perfume HEAT from my uncle's/godfather's family. It's completely different from COVET, since SJP perfume is sweet and light, while HEAT is actually worth the name, it's strong and it's my fav atm, cause I feel hot most of the time now, so it suits my mood 
: DD

Hope you enjoyed reading or at least looking at the pics : D
That's it for now, buh-bye (: xx