Sunday, July 7, 2013

change your mind

Since I see there still are some people who check out my blog - a new post for you! aye

And because I'm starving (3pm here and I still haven't had my breakfast), this will be a short one.

Some recent outfits, which are actually seen on the right side of my blog, but whatever. Just click on the pic and it will take you to my lookbook page, where some of the clothes are listed, if anyone wants to find out where I buy my stuff.

I look like a weirdo, but guess if I give a shit.

Oh right, I have some new pics of myself as well, and as you may [not] know, I'm in lesbians with myself, so a new post coming up.


  1. My guess is you don't give a shit :D

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  3. I'm in lesbians with myself - what does that mean?

    1. That's from a movie, a guy wanted to say 'I'm in love', but he said 'I'm in lesbians' instead, cause he was just so excited and scared at the same time (: so it just basically means that I'm in love with myself ; D