Thursday, July 11, 2013



I kind of changed my style a little bit. Well, at least my hairstyle. Inspired by my boyfriend, started doing pompadour and wearing my clothes just a teeny tiny bit differently, but it somehow looks more than a teeny tiny bit different (wat?), maybe it's just because of the hair (and lipstick). Anyways, that's how I look now:

And I really wanted to show this new look off, so was really glad when Irma decided it's time to meet up and I suggested going out! I tried froyo for the first time, was delicious ! And the little marshmallows are adorable, wanted to try them out for quite a long time as well ; D

 After that we went to a cafe, where Irma got a mango smoothie and I got coffee of the week (as I always do), but I can't even remember what kind it was : D I think nutty iced latte or something like that, anyways it was delicious, a bit stronger, just as I like it (; (oh daaaamn, I'm so artistic with all these pics haha)

And here we both are, we really like to take pics of everything/everyone and ourselves ; D

 After saying our goodbies with Irma, I met up with my boyfriend (edit 2013/10/10: ex bf now) , who gave me his shirt, which looks waayy better than my blue one, don't really know why, the pattern is similar... Oh well, whatever, we now look as an awesome kind of a little bit old school couple haha. And don't you dare say, that we don't ! (:

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