Sunday, May 26, 2013

Here, Sir, Take a Mustache

Long time no see. Not like anyone cares, but still. I like to keep my blog somewhat running. So yeah, another boring post.

Got this cool stuff from Italy as my sister just came back from there. Student exchange programs rock and my sis is the best. She got me this awesome mustache ring aand nail polish in the colour I just adore, aye.

 She herself got these awesome leggings from her Italian friend, but since we as sisters like to share our clothes with each other, I wore them today (and gave her my bright pink sweater, so we would kinda match haha (we're the same size, how awesome is that ! )).

 Alright, gotta go learn something, lexis exam at 8am and it's already 9pm. Being a professional procrastinator sometimes suck.

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