Monday, July 22, 2013

Red Lips

It's kind of an old outfit, wore it like a week ago when me and my fam were on our mini vacation at the seaside. Stole my mom's wedges for a couple of days haha.

It was my 20th birthday that weekend, which was chill. My 19th was more organised, although the guests were the same as always - my godfather's family. And this time I got myself a phone for a present, which is really awesome. Way better than all of my last ones combined haha.
Don't have any pics from that day or anything associated with it, I like my birthdays, but this one makes me a bit sad, I just feel so old, wanna be a little kid again, not a grown up. This shit sucks.

Oh well, whatever. Been shopping yesterday and hung out with my cousins today, so a new post coming up some day soon probably.

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