Monday, October 1, 2012

What's in my bag?

Borrowed the idea from my friend Irma (:

Just a quick post, I will have a bit more about my life written in the evening or tomorrow : P

So this is the bag I usually wear:

And this is the stuff I have in that bag like almost everyday:

1. Water is a must for me
2. Just for today and maybe another one for tomorrow - a quick snack. Tastyyyy
3. Tissues. Must be menthol ! Zewa Softis are actually my favs, but Kleenex works too haha
4. Oriflame lip balm and Maybelline colorsensational lipstick metallic rose
5. Sunglasses (and their bag), which I rarely leave at home even if the weather is bad. What if? 
I guess I should start doing that with an umbrella as well ;/

6. Wallet, which I kinda regret I bought, but it was on sale and everything I need somehow manages to fit in there, so whatevs.
7. Lighter. Love it ! Got it at a festival for doing 10 girly push-ups, which is like nothing to me haha
8. My keys to the apartment and mailbox with keychains I got from my English teacher at school and bought in Cropp Town.
9. My mini make-up bag, which is used for some other girly stuff.
10. Photo camera, but in this pic - only its case.

11. A bunch of cards in my wallet. 4 discount cards for different places; some coupons; my bank card; student card; ID card; bus card; discount card which goes with my bank card; my contact lenses card; an emergency card, there is written like what to say when you call in case of an emergency; my health insurance card, which I needed when I went to Paris, it's expired, but I like it so still am keeping it : D aaand some postage stamps for letters in Lithuania.

Uni stuff, which I do not carry every single day, but most of them...
12. Notebook for any kind of notes and doodling.
13. Notebook for English grammar and microphonetics.
14. Copies of English grammar and microphonetics books.

15. Pencil-case, which holds not only my pencils, but pens as well.. Have a bunch of them, but only one fav 
; D

Aaaand I guess this is it (: new post this evening or tomorrow !
My art history class just started.. Oh well, I guess I'm not going ; D

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