Thursday, October 11, 2012

Daily make-up routine

What and how I apply step by step.

Of course, the very first step is washing my face. Just water.

Then I apply this Dove rich nourishment cream. Used to use Nivea creme, the classic one, in blue can ; D but I think I like this one better, just applies easier. Apply it with my fingers.

Then I either use Avon clearskin clarifying cover (with SPF 15) or Nivea Visage tinted moisturizer (light), depends on my mood. The Nivea one is a bit darker than Avon. They are also like cream, just the tinted one, so if I'm in a hurry or too lazy, I don't even use the Dove cream. Apply these with my fingers.

Then goes veryme (ivory) foundation by Oriflame. Used to buy the lighter one, porcelain, I guess, but decided it's time to quit being so pale : D I apply it with a brush, which is actually a blush brush, but works just as well as a foundation brush on my whole face (because I don't have an actual foundation brush and I don't use blush anymore). And I also apply some foundation on my eyes with my fingers and some powder with its sponge (pic below).

Eyeliner then. If I'm going for like a natural look (ohwow, how can I actually go for a natural look with so much make-up..? but I mean natural - no eyeshadow) I use the eyeliner in the middle of the pic. Gabriella Salvete automatic eyeliner contour and I only apply it to the waterlines of my eyes (like this: first videosecond video ).
Now if I know I'm going to be using eyeshadow as well, and I usually go for a darker look then, I choose either Avon super shock gel eyeliner (right one) or Clinique cream shaper for eyes (left one), I then line both my waterlines and eyelids. I don't even try to make a straight line, because I smudge it out later with an eyeshadow brush (the one in the pic with a set of smoky eye look eye shadows below)

I then use this chestnut Avon eyeshadow. Apply it on my whole eyelid up to the crease and a bit below my lower waterline with my bigger flat eyeshadow brush.

And if I want to go even darker and more dramatic (because I just loove drama haha). I apply the black colour like it's shown in the pic with my smaller flat eyeshadow brush. Well, maybe a bit less, just the corners of my eyes. This is smoky eye shadow trio by Oriflame.

And usually, I have to clean some of the eyeshadow that has fallen on my cheeks, that is why I use my veryme no time for shine powder (matte light) by Oriflame after the eye shadows are applied. 

At last, the end. curl my lashes, apply maxi lash mascara so they would look a bit longer and veryme fat lash mascara for the thickness (both Oriflame). It's a good thing my lashes are already long and kinda thick, whereas my mother's not so much, so she doesn't find these mascaras helpful (actually none of the mascaras she or I have does the trick for her), but I, on the other hand, can really define my eyes with any of them (: and then I just kinda comb (?) my lashes and  eyebrows. 

I didn't think I would write THIS much, thought it's just going to be a quick and easy post haha. I guess, I just can't stop myself from writing a lot (:

I love it how my weekends start on Thursday evenings (no classes on Fridays) : D  and this one seems to be quite an awesome and busy one! Insanitus tomorrow, no sleep, party hard; going to village right after that for a silly thing; and right after that back to the city for my creative writing mid-term, yay ! I hope I'll get some sleep in the car on the way to the village, in the church, and then in the bus on the way back to the city. Cause otherwise.. I have no idea how I'm gonna pass my midterm.

K, bye now !

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