Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Make me colorful

Said I would have a new post yesterday, but came home late, so yeah...

The song I've been listening to quite a lot lately:

Updates for what happened during September and what's about to happen in my life:
Plenty of stuff happening at the uni, had an art history midterm already last Monday, microphonetics test today, grammar test tomorrow, more midterms coming up. Philosophy paper due the middle of November, so at least that's a chill for now..
Broke up with my boyfriend, with whom I had been for 9months (officially (can't help myself not adding this lol)). So much for our 'love you more' fights, seems that he had won all of them. Met someone new at the first years' camp, so we're together now.
Anyways, my life is kinda good and enough with the heart breaking stories, let's talk beauty haha.

But, unfortunately, not much to talk about there.

Just the latest 'nail art' I did

And the color I had for quite a while, but only now realised how awesome it is and am wearing it for the last couple of days

My 1st Oct outfit 

And some random pics of me, because I love how I look in them haha 

K, gotta stop procrastinating and do some actual work ! Cya