Monday, July 2, 2012

hold your dreams

Heyy (:

I've got a better result from my Lithuanian exam, than I have expected ! Instead of 70, I got 74 % ! WOO !! : DD

Spent last week almost by the sea, haha. The weather wasn't really good, only a few sunny days, which weren't enough to get a proper tan. But I am a bit darker now haha
Tanned myself this star, a bit crooked, but that's alright with me

And this is what I was wearing the day we finally went home !

And instantly, just moments after unpacking, I had to go shopping ! Soo, I used my 50Lt gift card and bought 5 nail polishes (3 colours, 2 under coats)

Finally bought new hair spray, the old one was gone, but i still had the bottle for a month, hoping it will magically refill itself.. And so it did, in a totally different shape though haha

And also bought this fashion magazine, just because I couldn't decide what else to buy haha

That's not it yet, there's still one thing, that I bought, left, which will be revealed in my next post ((::

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