Friday, July 13, 2012

Good times

Heeeyyy !!

So frikkin much has happened in the past week !
First of, got 60% on my history exam, which is superb, I thought I'd get 20max ; D and I found out about it on my sister's birthday, so that was a double celebration ^.^
On my way to my sis b-day haha

And this is how I look on my spare time.. not at home tho

Love my eyes in this one ! Looks like my pupils are heart shaped, and I love hearts !! haha

New nail polish, love the colour !

Went shopping a couple days ago, bought this crop top, belt, sunglasses, heart shaped necklace and hot pink 3in1 bracelet

GRADUATION !!! I am finally officially done with school ! Am frikkin afraid of the future but I hope it will be better than high school haha

Had some fun with my girls after graduation ceremony (:

And my newest nail polish, normally I would't have bought it, but it was on sale, so what the hell ; D 

Aaaaand my third tattoo ! Almost freshly done, only 2hours had passed when this pic was taken. I had all my tattoos done by the year's time, so no new ones at least until 2k12 end : D

And some new Monster, I loooove energy drinks, and especially Monster, cause it doesn't taste like the others, it's flavour is unique and A LOT better !

My nineteenth birthday is tomorrow, so new post with pics is coming up !! Byyeee ((::

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