Wednesday, April 17, 2013

studs everywhere

If you didn't get it before [I'm gonna have to call you an idiot] I'm REALLY into studs and spikes (and sneakers). Guess I didn't fully outgrow my punk/metal/goth/emo phase lol.
So yeah, I bought new shoes. THEY'RE FUCKING AWESOME !!!

Spikes on the front and side, zipper, some other metal detailing. Made for me <3 haha.

And here's a full look from yesterday.

Oh and I also got these cool sunglasses in a local store, super cheap, cause I either lose or break them, so can't spend too much, just not worth it haha.

The rim is mat and fading black to white. I like to call such sunnies fakebans...

Have a good evening or whatever.

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