Friday, August 17, 2012

Mint Latte

Yoyoyo ; D

Got into English Philology at Vytautas Magnus University, which is in my city, so I'll stay at my parents'. My plans to go to England got totally crushed, but that's alright, I'm not really sad : P

Well, quite a bit happened at the end of last month and at the beginning of this one haha

Had a picnic with my girlfriends, great time, junk food and games, yay ; D

Went to Šventoji, lived by the motto less sleep, more sunbathing haha. A sneak peek to my new bathing suit ; D

me and my beloved clothes hahaha

Hung out with my lovely cousin <3

Bought neon nail polish, too bad I didn't put it on when went to Satta Outside, would have looked AWESOME : DD

My boyfriend has a lot of tops this kind, so gave me one ; D 

Long time - no see, brofist with a good friend of mine

On my way to Satta Outside, loved the festival, been there 3times, I hope I'll go there next year too !!

Excited about my new bag, which just arrived. Got it from ebay, and it's addicting.. if you're not on ebay, be glad, cause when you start - there's no stopping until your bank account is empty haha. Can't wait for other stuff to arrive !

My brother bought an electric guitar, although he can't really play.. Hopefully he will learn soon, but je'ez forbid - not at home.

Another nail polish. Orangy coral? it's not orange orange, like bright one, because i already have that, this one is quite different..

Did like ombre nails haha with a sponge, red tips. Called this look the murderer >D

Aaand my today's look with a cup of mint latte, tastyyy

If you click on the pics of my looks, it will get you to my lookbook page (;

Ohh, and i got addicted not only to ebay, but instagram as well.. my nickname there is nirvanike, just so anyone, who reads my blog (if there really is anybody, hello?) and has instagram, could find me there, yayy
And this is one of the newest pics there, that tastyyyy mint latte haha

So yeah, hopefully I won't be as lazy and post something else sooner... But buh-bye for now ; P

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