Friday, May 11, 2012

Skin Graph

My new favorite song ! Even made a ringtone, which you can find HERE haha. I heard it on the newest episode of The Secret Circle, daaamn, that episode is pretty good. If you haven't checked out The Secret Circle, you should definitely do that, especially if you're a fan of fantasy, magic and witches in nowadays setting : D

Wow, haven't written anything in more than a month, that's kind of weird x_O But I'm just too damn lazy, sorry, but that's just the way it is : D

Latest updates: LOTS of nail colouring haha. Like every second or third day I would paint my nails different. I even created a special rack for my nail polishes : D

And here's some of my nail art:

 And slightly worse quality pictures taken with my phone, cause I didn't have my camera for some time:

So talking about my camera.. the lid, which keeps the batteries closed, broke, so the camera was sent to be repaired for a couple of weeks.. and when i got it back it was actually a new camera haha. Also Nikon coolpix, but this time a slightly newer and better version - not L22, but L23. I'm quite happy with my new camera, but i liked the appearance of the old one better, not only because it was black, but it just looked better in general : D
So here's my old camera moments after i got it (jeez, my nails look terrible here, i'm taking a wayyyyyyyy better care of them now haha):

Aaaaand here's the new one ! (there also was that sticker with some info of it on it, but i took it off immediately this time : D and didn'r reverse the pic this time, fully mirror view lol)

so that's it for now, bye (;