Monday, March 5, 2012

oh my..

Spent like two hours 'shopping' (didn't actually buy anything).. was searching for a perfect bright blue or dark blue jacket and this one caught my eye... but i guess this style just doesn't suit me, it's a bit too short and only one button doesn't work for me, makes me look fatter than i actually am. (or maybe the way i was dressed wasn't for the jacket (i knew i should've put on my high heels.. and maybe red pants)) I was really disappointed, cause i almost fell in love with it ;/
went to another shop, where i saw a bit longer and brighter jacket, but it didn't work for me too. damn, two hours gone to waste.
Well, at least my brother bought himself a nice pair of grey jeans (:
and i finally got the last money i needed for my tattoo, and am going to be inked on wednesday, so excited ^.^

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