Tuesday, March 27, 2012

i wanna be the whole world's girl..

I wonder how different my life would be if I didn't make certain steps in my past, if i hadn't met certain people, if I hadn't left certain people. Haha. It's really crazy, when i think about it. My life is crazy, or at least was. I guess I really have changed. The wishes sometimes are the same, but the steps are totally different, sometimes there are no steps at all, and I know that's just for the best, no movement in such situations is the best solution (:

I just like this au naturale picture of me : D no make up, hair just washed and naturally dried : P

And I finally bought that white crack nail polish I wanted for a long time now, here's how it looks with my sea breeze and pink (:

there's actually two pinks under the white, half of the nail is that orangy pink i'm holding in the pic, and another half is the hot pink i'm holding below : D 

I really kinda am a nail polish addict, cause I also bought these black matte and yellow polishes for the first time !

I actually thought it would be a bit better, but it doesn't stay on long, stayed on my nails just for a day D: 
And now my nails are a bit damaged so, figured that yellow nail polish will have to wait a bit, painting my nails with vitamin polish only for at least a couple of days !

And here's a final look at me, just because I kinda love myself sometimes ; DD