Tuesday, January 24, 2012

such a black day

Well hello there, anyone who reads this. I went shopping with my parents on Sunday (or Saturday? can't even remember, not a good sign : O )
Sooooo, I bought a pair of PROMOD boots

it's a really good bargain, caught them on sale from 400litas to 100 (litas currency), and I swear to you, they look waaaaaayyyyy better in reality ; D

I also bought this awesome guipure dress I've been wanting for so long ^.^ and now, finally, I found it at a reasonable price : D (do not hesitate to 'hype' it on lookbook, the link is on the right side of the page : P )

Shoes are my mom's, will go shopping in the near future again, fell in love with a pair of NEW YORKER heels, but had some doubts, so decided not to buy them, but definitely will !
They are similar to these (or should I say just this one?), but not quite the same. I used to hate pointy heels, but I guess I just don't anymore : D

I have also bought this simple CROPP TOWN t-shirt. Soon I won't have where to put my t-shirts, I have so many ! And it's never enough! haha

So yeah, I guess that's it for today, am kinda feeling hungry again, so will probably get on to that lasagna my mom made : P
Have a great day/evening or whatever : D

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