Sunday, January 29, 2012

i wish she wore a shorter dress

Heyheyhey, so I'm back from my 'shopping spree' haha. Tried on like 10 different pairs of jeans (and i really hate trying on jeans, or sometimes clothes in general) and finally found the ones i like, and my mom bought them for me, even tho she was not a fan of my choice mwahahahaha : D CROPP TOWN

and well i thought of a simple, yet quite nice outfit including my school uniform jacket : D
In my last post i mentioned that i want to buy pointy heels, well, here they are : D both in the picture above and below (: and they were even cheaper than last week ! only 18litas, which is SUPER cheap. NEWYORKER

that's it for today, buh-bye xx

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