Tuesday, February 26, 2013


I remember how I used to only highlight my hair with red, cause I was too afraid to go all the way, thought it really wouldn't suit me, etc.. Well, today I pushed that fear away and bought this:

I knew that this one box wouldn't be enough for me, cause my hair is pretty thick and long, but that was intentional, I wanted the colour to be more intense on my forehead and then to just go out going down, kinda like the ombre effect I already had, just with different colour (; But I like the way this colour turned out, I might even go like reeaally red someday, do not have the fear of that colour on myself anymore ; D

 (I know the original is by The Runaways (well, obviously, the whole movie's about them) but the quality of this video is just better)

So here, take a look at how my hair turned out:

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