Thursday, January 17, 2013

because wearing black looks mysterious

Oh, it so does.. Finally got my new skirt ! (well, not finally, it came rather quickly, actually, I got it faster than I thought I would, so yay ! )
This is how it looks, and, well, how I look in it:

Pretty cool, huh?

Some older news/pics, since I haven't been too updateish here haha

Let's start with the new nail polish I've got - essence colour&go chic reloaded, won it in kind of a contest on Facebook, you the like&share kinda thing. Love the colour and it does dry quickly, but doesn't last long, chips off too fast..

My mother knows me so well and doesn't judge my love for studs, so she bought me this awesome studded belt and this bracelet made of little studs, so cool ! 

And a bit late Christmas gift from England (: funny socks and a lovely card..
Thank you again, Christopher xx

New post soon since I have another outfit to show the world haha

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